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At Ajax Automotive Services, we take customer service and automotive repair seriously. Whether you need a lube, oil and filter service, or a complete engine replacement, we'll treat your vehicle like it's our own. We're proud to work with all makes and models of cars and light trucks. Ajax Automotive Services is your one stop shop for all of your vehicle servicing needs.

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About Us

Ajax Automotive Services is a family run, and owned Automotive Service Center in the heart of Durham Region. We've been servicing Ajax, and the surrounding communities for over 39 years, and have become one of the most trusted Automotive repair centers in town.

We believe in providing our customers with exceptional quality, and trustworthy service at a fair price. Our highly trained service staff will provide you with honest diagnostic information, and will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to repairing your vehicle. It's this type of honest, and thoughtful service that keeps our customers returning.

Contact us today by email, call us at 905-683-0650, or simply drop by our shop for a visit.

Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

As the best auto repair company in town, we're equipped and ready to handle all your repair and maintenance needs. Look to the below to find our areas of expertise.

Any modern car you see in Ajax has several intertwining systems that work together seamlessly to complete a driving experience. However, when these systems get out of whack, nothing short of a professional diagnostics check-up will return everything back to their intended settings. From assessing error codes to taking your car's tuning to the next level, Ajax Automotive Services's diagnostics work is a great choice.

When a customer brings their vehicle to our Ajax location, we'll look at every individual system, from electrical problems to engine issues, each of which can have a tangible effect. The diagnostic tools we use are of the highest quality and capable of resolving even small errors that could be hampering your time behind the wheel.

To schedule a diagnostics visit at our Ajax facility, give Ajax Automotive Services a call today at 905-683-0650.

Ajax Automotive Services, is your local licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station

Whether you're buying or selling a vehicle, a safety certification will provide you with peace of mind that your vehicle is safe to drive on the road. Our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle based on Ministry standard guidelines. If required, we'll provide you with a comprehensive list of suggested repairs to ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible. Our technicians are fully trained, and able to identify potential issues that can save you time, and money. Book your safety inspection with us today.

Scheduled maintenance, also called preventative maintenance, is a plan set forth by your car's manufacturer and details how often you'll need oil changes or other service. At Ajax Automotive Services, we're well acquainted with the service schedules of a wide variety of models and understand exactly what's needed at every stop of the process.

In addition to keeping your car running well in Ajax, a scheduled maintenance service at Ajax Automotive Services comes with the extra benefit of quality. We'll always use high quality parts or better and we've worked hard to earn our strong reputation for providing affordable preventative maintenance that keeps your warranty intact.

Compare the prices for scheduled maintenance in Ajax and you'll see why Ajax Automotive Services is a winner. Call 905-683-0650 to set up your next visit.

As part of a complete preventative maintenance plan, oil and filter changes help to reduce the chance of overheating and removes oil that is commonly saturated with debris and contaminants. When you bring your car to our Ajax shop, our highly trained technicians associate will help you figure out the best high quality oil for your needs and have you back on the road in no time.

On these regular service visits to Ajax Automotive Services, you can count on our team to also check your fluid levels and top up as needed. When you leave our Ajax auto repair center, you can rest assured that your vehicle is well-prepared to meet the next 3,000-5,000 KM's as listed in your owner's manual.

For a top notch lube, oil, and filter service , give Ajax Automotive Services a call at 905-683-0650.

Canadian Winters create challenging driving conditions that require the use of winter tires. Investing in quality winter tires will help you get through the harsh winter weather as safely as possible. At Ajax Automotive Services, we have access to most top brands of tires and wheels for all weather conditions.

At our fully equipped service centre, we use professional grade digital testing equipment that can identify tire issues quickly, including alignments and tire balancing. We're ready to repair, or replace your tires today!

From batteries and starters to radios and windshield wipers, your car depends on electricity to function properly. When your vehicle's electrical system starts to fail, it not only changes your driving comfort, but can also be a serious situation if it's not dealt with quickly. At Ajax Automotive Services, we know electrical systems and our Ajax location is outfitted to handle almost any problem.

Ajax Automotive Services is the right combination of experience, knowledge, and professional automotive equipment. Our electrical specialists have seen almost every imaginable electrical issue and know how to fix them all. Armed with electrical diagnostic equipment that makes it easy to isolate underlying causes, you'll be back to the Ajax streets sooner than you think.

Dimmed headlights, broken turn signals, and dysfunctional door locks are just a few of the common electrical and electronic problems that Ajax Automotive Services can repair, but we're open to any electrical challenge. Give us a chance and you'll see why so many people in Ajax trust us for their electrical and other automotive work.

For expert car electrical system advice or to schedule a service appoint, contact Ajax Automotive Services in Ajax by email or telephone (905-683-0650).

Keeping your vehicles exhaust system in good working condition is crucial for fuel mileage, the environment and your safety. Your vehicles exhaust system is made up of many important components that each play a specific role in keeping harmful gasses out of your vehicle, and the environment. At Ajax Automotive Services, we offer complimentary Exhaust system inspections, which can help identify potential issues, and provide peace of mind for you, and your family. Our highly trained exhaust technicians will take the time to assess your vehicles exhaust system, and provide you with our expert advice to ensure your vehicles exhaust system is running as efficiently as possible.

Custom Pipe Bending, and Performance Exhaust Systems:

If you're looking to add some performance sound, and power to your vehicle, we can help.

At Ajax Automotive Services, we specialize in custom exhaust installation, as well as aftermarket performance exhaust installs. Whether you're looking for a MangaFlow performance system, or a complete custom install, Ajax Automotive Service is your full service performance exhaust system centre.

Your braking system may be the most important component of your vehicle. It's crucial that your brakes are maintained regularly to ensure the safety of you, and others on the road.

Maintenance to your braking system can range from a simple clean and service, to a full four wheel brake replacement. Vibrations, squealing, and "metal on metal" sounds are all signs that your brake system needs attention.

At Ajax Automotive Services, we offer complimentary disc brake inspections and our technicians will provide you with a professional honest brake life report. If your brakes need replacing, we'll offer you competitive pricing, and always provide you with high quality brake part choices.

Call Ajax Automotive Services for your brake service inspection today.

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